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Anesthetic Gases

Long-term expsosure to these gases can cause serious health effects. Acute exposures can cause loss of consciousness in the lab.

Nitrous Oxide, and halogenated anesthetic gases such as:

  • enflurane (CAS# 13838-16-9)
  • desflurane (CAS# 57041-67-5)
  • halothane (CAS# 151-67-7)
  • isoflurane (CAS# 26675-46-7)
  • methoxyflurane (CAS# 76-38-0)
  • sevoflurane (CAS# 28523-86-6)

To work with these anesthetic gases, your lab must have a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).

The equipment must be inspected prior to each use with anesthetic gas (see checklist). The equipment must also undergo routine maintenance every 6 months (see maintenance checklist).

Anyone in the lab who will be working in the space while the anesthetic gases are in use must take the EHS Anesthetic Gas Safety Training. Employees can use the “Enroll” link next to the training title on the Employee training tab. Students, volunteers, and other non-employee researchers can select the training “Anesthetic gas safety” in the Laboratory safety courses tab.

If you have any concerns about effectiveness of anesthetic gas controls in your lab, or any health concerns associated with exposure, EHS can perform area monitoring (sampling air in the working area) or personal monitoring (sampling your breathing space by attaching the sampler to your lab coat lapel) to check for waste anesthetic gases. Contact EHS at 480-965-1823 or to arrange for testing.

If needed or desired, medical monitoring (using medical tests to check for exposure to anesthetic gases) can also be performed. Employees can contact Employee Health (more about medical monitoring here). Students and others can contact ASU Health Services.

Required Documents

Anesthetic Gas SOP Template (coming soon; in the interim, please use the FSE Liquids & Solids SOP Template)

Equipment Inspection Checklist (coming soon)

Anesthetic Gas Safety Training (for employees)

Anesthetic Gas Safety Training (for non-employees)