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A student from the University of Cincinnati was hospitalized Wednesday April 11th, after a laboratory incident occurred.

Emergency responders at the scene cleaning up after the explosion.

Early Wednesday morning, a student from the University of Cincinnati was hospitalized after an explosion in a laboratory located in the Engineering Research Building.

A female student was conducting experiments alone with a toxic chemical while aluminum etching. At 1 a.m. that morning reaction suddenly exploded and breaking the glass pane in the hood.

This caused the dangerous chemical and broken glass to be sprayed throughout the lab and on the student. It was documented that the student was outfitted with protective equipment during the blast and the chemicals saturated this gear. When attempting to remove her PPE her arms contacted the chemicals.

The student was transported to the hospital by emergency crew. She was observed for a period of time because the reaction is known to be slow reacting and was released later that day.

The UC police restored the lab and the building was reopened at 6 a.m.

For more information about this incident please visit WCPO and Fox19 News.

Arizona State University mandates the utilization of the buddy system when working with particularly hazardous substances. If there are any concerns or questions regarding health and safety within a laboratory, please contact Jonathan Klane at 480-965-8498 or