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Engineering | Safe Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

Quick questions and fast answers. Please read the whole document and Contact an FSE DO laST member if there are questions left unanswered.

What is the FSE Dean’s Office of Infrastructure and Safety Team (IaST)?

We provide support to all Fulton Schools of Engineering.  This includes everything in Infrastructure needed to perform activities in Offices, Classrooms, Teaching Labs, and Research Labs.  Our Team focuses on Safety and this includes being a resource for fielding and addressing Safety concerns for all FSE Faculty, Researchers, Students, and Staff.  We are liaisons for our FSE departments to other ASU functional groups – ASU Facilities Management, ASU Safety Partners (EHS), and Business Services. We provide guidance and help create an environment that promotes sharing best known methods and safety practices.  We often link people to the guidance information and resources they need to accomplish their duties in a safe and effective manner.  We also provide services to support safe lab activities; chemical approvals, SOP reviews for chemical processes and hazardous tasks, Lab Safety Inspections, Lab Renovation Design Reviews, follow-up to resolution on all Health & Safety issues, participate on University wide and FSE Safety Programs/Teams.  We serve as role models for EH&S best practices, as well as behavior and communications to create a focus on Safety Culture.

We are dedicated to “keeping students safe”.  We promote and facilitate lab safety culture for Fulton Schools of Engineering (FSE).  We encourage you to engage your daily activities with a focus on Safety.

Isn’t that part of EHS?

No, EHS serves on a different level.  They oversee all of ASU’s people, facilities, and activities with a directed mission.  FSE’s DO IaST serves those within the Engineering schools.  It is part of the Engineering Dean’s Office (EDO).  Our goal is to provide complete information and response in a timely manner.

So, what does the FSE DO IaST do?

The FSE DO IaST members provide in-house consulting services to any and all within FSE on topics related to safety, health, wellness, security, etc.  We provide lab safety services, assist with identifying training needs, determine specialized training needs, assist with Lab Registrations, assist with event safety planning and oversight, and provide response to incidents.   For all of your inquiries, we will research, provide clear guidance with directed information and resources.

Well, then what does EHS do?

EHS works to ensure that ASU is in compliance with the various Federal, National, Regional and Local regulations.  They are responsible for setting the Policy and Guidelines for how ASU manages everything Heatlh, Environment, and Safety related.