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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick questions and fast answers. Please read the whole document and contact the team if there are questions left unanswered.

What is the Office of Health and Safety?

The Office of Health & Safety (OHS) is a small office dedicated to “keeping students safe” and promoting and facilitating lab safety culture within the Fulton Schools of Engineering (FSE).  

Isn’t that part of EHS?

No, EHS serves and oversees all of ASU’s people, facilities, activities, etc.  FSE’s OHS only serves those within Engineering.  OHS is part of the Engineering Dean’s Office (EDO).  OHS and EHS are two separate entities with different (though obviously related) missions.  

So, what does the OHS do?

The OHS provides in-house consulting services to any and all within FSE on topics related to safety, health, wellness, security, etc.  We provide mostly lab safety services but also do ergonomic assessments, indoor air quality evaluations, in-class teaching, specialized training, event safety planning and oversight, response to incidents, etc.  You name it, we do it (safely).

Well, then what does EHS do?

EHS works to ensure that ASU as a whole is complying with the various regulations of OSHA/ADOSH, EPA/ADEQ, DOT/ADOT, NRC/ARRA, FDA, CDC, etc.  

So, is it mostly lab safety type stuff that OHS does?

Predominantly, but many other functions as well listed above.  For our research labs we get involved with lab design, operations, training, registrations, inventories, new chemicals/procedures, injury/exposure incidents, some compliance, lab safety culture, etc.  

Who are on the staff in the OHS?

The OHS has an Assistant Director of Safety Programs (Jonathan Klane) and a Chemical Safety Specialist (Amanda Hoyt).  We also have a part-time student worker (Jung “Justin” Na).  We are located in urban Systems Engineering (USE) to be near FSE labs.  We report to the Vice Dean of Research & Innovation (Dr. Paul Westerhoff) in the Research Services Group of the Engineering Dean’s Office.  

Who else within FSE gets involved with lab and other safety?

FSE has many wonderful folks who work at keeping our students and others healthy and safe.  Each School, Center, etc. has someone or several Lab Managers or others.  All together this dedicated group is called the Laboratory Engineering Team Safety or “LET’S”.

What or who make up “LET’S”?

LET’S comprises FSE staff from all of the six FSE Schools, Academic and Student Affairs (ASA), Engineering Technical Services (ETS), CSSER, and the Dean’s Office.  Some currently in LET’S include:

  • ASA – Matt McWhorter and Myrna Martinez
  • CIDSE – n/a
  • CSSER – Stefan Myhajlenko and Carrie Sinclair
  • ECEE – Clayton Javurek and Nick Deardeuff
  • ETS – Rick Martorano and Cary Stoneman
  • OHS – Jonathan Klane and Amanda Hoyt
  • Poly School – Scott Almen, and Sean Dengler
  • SBHSE – Alana La Belle, Tomi St. John, and Michael Sobrado
  • SEMTE – Fred Pena, Shahriar Anwar, Bruce Steele, Dallas Kingsbury, Leonard Bucholtz, and George Ahlers
  • SSEBE – Peter Goguen, Stan Klonowski, Jeff Long, and Alan Short

If I have questions, who should I contact in the OHS?

You can contact either Jonathan or Amanda and we will figure it out.  But in general Amanda handles many of the day-to-day lab needs while Jonathan tends to field some of the non-routine requests.  Their contact info is:

Do you have any suggestions or recommendations that might be helpful?

Yes, get us involved early.  As an attorney friend once offered, “The earlier you let me know about something going on, the more options we’ll have and the less ‘costly’ it’ll likely be.” We still think this is good advice based on what we’ve seen occur here.  It’s often difficult to “walk things back” once they’ve been decided, whereas if we get involved early we can often influence the outcome in a direction more favorable for FSE folks. 


To report incidents, concerns, or other comments regarding safety where there was not an injury or damage, please use the form below to submit anonymously to the Fulton Schools of Engineering Office of Health and Safety. We value your input and safety.

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