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Engineering | Safe Engineering


Welcome to Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering.

We are committed to the safety and well-being of our faculty, researchers, staff, students, and visitors.  We offer a variety of information, guidance, and resources to support all your Safety needs.  Our goal is to assist you with what you need, providing a direct link to the most current and accurate safety information and references.  We want to ensure that your lab or work environment meets all the regulatory safety standards, as well as enables your team to perform their tasks efficiently.


Whether you work in an office or a laboratory, safe work practices underscore the university’s commitment to protecting the health and welfare of students, faculty, researchers, staff, visitors, and the environment.

  • To work in an ASU building, you must take the Fire Safety & Prevention Training class.  This is also required to be refreshed annually.
  • To work in an ASU laboratory, you must take the Initial Lab Safety Training and Hazardous Waste Management Training classes.  These are also required to be refreshed annually.
  • For any highly hazardous chemical being used or stored in the lab, or for any highly hazardous tasks, specialized training classes are available.  Please meet with your Faculty/PI to determine what additional training may be required for your Lab/ Research activities (.i.e., Cyanide, HF, Pyrophoric, LN2, compressed gases, high voltages, lasers, radiation sources, etc.).


Training Determination Tool:

Please use the following tool to assist you in determining the minimum training requirements for your individual needs:

Training Determination Tool

Here is the link to the ASU EHS Training website:   (Select Employee or Student training tabs.)