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Engineering | Safe Engineering

Week Two of National Safety Month 2014 focuses on slip, trips, and falls.

It may not be one of the more known dangers at home and work, but it can have serious consequences if it happens! According to OSHA, it causes 15% of accidental deaths in industries coming in second behind deaths from motor vehicles accidents on the job.

The National Safety Council has some great advice to staying on your feet (check out this poster for more information!) :

  • Keep floors clear and clean. Avoid tripping hazards like boxes, rugs that aren’t secured to the floor, or electrical cords.
  • Watch out for water and ice! Sometimes these can be difficult to see, so look ahead carefully. This kind of surprise is not welcome.
  • Use ladders appropriately! Make sure you are using ladders as they are designed and in safe locations. Falling from a higher distance creates even more complications and potential dangers.

Did you know that falls are such a big concern, that Medicare pays for fall-related risk assessments for patients above 65 at the doctor’s office? Falls can cause serious injuries and even death – at any age! It is important to be careful of medications that may make you drowsy or disoriented.

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