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Academic Laboratory Chemicals

Some chemicals have special hazards, such as being potentially fatal by skin contact or spontaneously igniting upon contact with air, that require more complex safety measures. While research labs may be approved to begin using these chemicals after an approval process, academic (classroom) labs cannot logistically meet the safety requirements.

Before choosing a capstone or other research project, check chemicals against the following ASU EHS & FSE Particularly Hazardous Substance lists.

If any chemicals from these PHS lists are mistakenly delivered to the lab, contact ASU Hazardous Waste (480-965-1823) and ask them to transport the chemical to an appropriate storage cabinet in ERC 335. Please also notify FSE Safety (,

EHS Particularly Hazardous Substances

FSE Particularly Hazardous Substances

For questions or requests for exceptions (such as chloroform and dichloromethane use, or using research lab space for capstone projects), please contact FSE Safety ( or





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