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Incident Reporting

Please report any Incidents to your supervisor or Faculty/PI.

An Incident that occurs and results in an injury to an ASU paid employee (faculty, researchers, staff, student worker) or unpaid student or visitor must be reported.  Any Incident resulting in ASU property damage(s) exceeding a cost of $500 must be reported.  EHS must be notified of all incidents that fall under the above scenarios.

How to Report

Personal injury, Property damage, and/or Material Loss

  1. Notify your Supervisor/Faculty/PI and FSE EDO IaST Lab Manager.
  2. Complete Incident Reporting Form (on-line) within 24 to 48 hours of the Incident.
  3. Contact Engineering Technical Services (ETS) for Equipment repairs.
  4. Contact FDM Service Request (FACMAN) for Facilities repairs.


Submit an Incident Report >>   ASU EHS Incident Report

More Resources

For more information regarding forms and human resources protocol for personal injury or material loss please visit: