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Engineering | Safe Engineering

Emergency Preparedness

To create a safe work environment or special event it’s important to consider the risk in all activities whether planned or unplanned.  As a way to be safety minded during an emergency you must:

  • Anticipate potential risk by proactively evaluating a process or event for possible incident factors such as infrequent occurrence, improper or insufficient training, time constraints that may cause rushing, etc.
  • Respond to emergency by following instructions given when calling ASUPD, Tempe dispatch, or information found in the Emergency Response Guide.
  • Evaluate afterwards and file an Incident Report  with ASU EHS.

Please forward a copy of your communication to FSE DO Infrastructure and Safety Team will follow up with you for an Incident Review to ensure all hazards have been eliminated and we address the safety concern that lead to the Incident. There are no resulting disciplinary actions taken from reporting an Incident. We are here to assist with ensuring safe work and research environment for our FSE and ASU Community.

For special events planning and coordination, if you are concerned about the risk(s) in activities you are planning, please contact Rita Bottesch,